Level of cover

Level of cover

There is no higher limit to health insurance but there is a lower limit. However,there is no such thing as 'Free' insurance.

Careful consideration is required and a competent broker will help determine not only what insurance necessary.

Remember the cost of health insurance will always increase with age.


I took out full health cover for my wife and I in December. In January I was diagnosed with a hernia. I was nervous as it was so soon after purchasing the policy and I honestly expected some resistance. I forwarded all my medical history and I was delighted to be informed that I would be covered. I am very happy with the service as it delivered exactly as I was told.

Alex Collyer

 Having recently been involved in a car accident (not overly serious, but I did spend the night in hospital). All hospital costs were paid straight to the doctors without a load of questions/forms etc and they were very helpful

Ada Ross