Area Of Coverage

Area Of Coverage

A common and understandable mistake made by many expats is to think that their country of origin will still provide health cover. This can be even more critical where children are concerned. So choosing the area of coverage can be just as important as the level of coverage. Also remember some countries will be excluded, retracted or covered with additional expense.

With this in mind,it is an important topic for our free consultation service. So we can identify possible risks. Finally does your policy provide for emergency medical evacuation.

 I travel a lot so having a [..] Health plan has helped make it easier to see a doctor wherever I am, and even meant I could get access to some really great benefits while on a business trip. Would definitely recommend them.

Alex Roberts

I took out a policy last year when moving to Canada. I did not have any need to claim for my first 5-6 months and when I finally did submit a couple of claims I was not sure what to expect. I was really pleasantly surprised by the ease of making claims, the friendly responses and the speed of claim settlements. Really excellent service

Greg Metcalf

Great if you need international insurance cover. They look after me if I just stay local and even when I travel for holiday or even on business.
The claiming process is really easy. I email them my claim, no need to post and I got reply same day, super quick.

Francine Wells