insurance for Expatriates

The path to coverage has obstacles if you're far from home.

We provide guidance and expertise to get you insured at a fair rate.

Peace of mind starts with being informed...

Living overseas is enjoyable and rewarding

However, one aspect demands careful consideration: access to an acceptable level of medical care. 

As an expatriate you have three choices:

Do nothing

A risky strategy that may complicate visa applications.

Self insure

An expert undertaking and hospitals can refuse admission.

Buy health insurance

The safest and most convenient course of action.

The purpose of our consultation service is to provide honest, clear and verifiable information to expatriates faced with insurance related decisions. It's convenient, free of obligations and free of charge.

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Be in Good Hands.

Proper solutions start with a proper investigation. In our first conversation we will be covering all the major topics that will determine the form of insurance that is right for you and your loved ones.  

We also provide in-depth information on a range of important matters through our online library of articles.

What level of coverage do I or my family need?

The cost of medical treatment varies greatly around the world; it's important to determine the right level of coverage.

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Which localities do I need coverage for?

It's important to know which countries you need coverage for.

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How will my medical history affect my health insurance?

Find out if your insurance policy will exclude any pre-existing conditions and if those exclusion will be permanent.

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Can I afford my required health insurance?

Find out he costs of your health insurance policy and the available payment options.

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